Greymalkin Portraits

textured cat digital art

The legends of the connection between humans and their feline companions are as old a time.  The Egyptians went so far as to worship their furry companions - some were even mummified with their owners - a fact that any cat worth its salt has told you over and over.  (Oh, THAT"S what they were yelling about at 3am!)

My favorite mystical kitty stories are that of the Greymalkin - were they wild cats?, were they witch's familiars?, or were they witches shape-shifted into cat-form to stalk the Scottish countryside?   Either way, no Hollows season is complete without the spooky witches cat.

For a limited time, I will be accepting clients for purrsonalized Greymalkin pet portraits.  I will design a one-of-a-kind piece of digital art of your cat (dogs are okay too).  Hang it up through October (or all year long - I don't judge) or, alternatively, use it as a Facebook cover page, share it on your Insta, or print it out to journal about your magical friend.

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