Did you take that photo?

Yep, sure did.  All art on this website was created by me, Megan Campbell.

What type of camera/lens/equipment do you use?

#teamcanon all the way!  My current camera is a Canon 80D - I have a number of lens but my baby is my Canon 100mm macro.  All prints 12x18 and below are printed by me on my Pro10 photo printer.

Did you photoshop that?

Absolutely!  All of my photographs are edited in Photoshop because it is the "right tool for the job".   Did I change the photo to add in that color that you think is unnatural?  Likely not, I probably choose to take the photo because I liked that color!

I love your photo - can I purchase it from you in a different size (European sizes, for example), as a photo standout, on a canvas, or some other way that I've thought of that you don't have a listing for?

Message me and we can talk about it!   Many of my photos look great on many types of products.  

How should I take care of a photograph?

All of my photographs are printed on professional grade photo paper with high quality inks - they are meant to last a lifetime.   The best way to preserve a photograph is to have it professional framed with archival materials and UV resistant glass.  Framed photographs should be hung away from high humidity areas and out of direct sunlight.

For short term storage, please keep the photograph in the archival bag that it came to you in - preferable in a dark place out of direct sunlight.

How should I take care of a photo standout?

Photo standouts have been sprayed with a UV protectant water resistant spray which means that they can be hung in places that are not safe for a traditionally framed photograph such as a bathroom or in the kitchen.  A light dusting is all that should be needed to keep your standout in tip top condition but you can also clean with a damp cloth if necessary.

Do you offer returns on your products?

I offer returns on all ready made photographic prints offered in my shop so long as you send me a message and request a return within 14 days of receiving your item and it is shipped back to me in its original condition.  I do not offer returns on custom sized art or Greymalkin prints as they cannot be resold.

How soon can I expect my art to be shipped?

Shipment times vary based upon the product so please refer to the individual listing for shipping details.